DotNetNuke DNN Hosting


Using this Website

This website enables you to quickly and easily find a DotNetNuke class or a skin item that you wish to style such as the breadcrumbs.

To find a class either click on the class name in the main contents page or click on the class name in the menu section on the left hand side.

To find an item that you wish to style such as the breadcrumbs, click on the search icon and enter ‘Breadcrumbs’ this will provide a list of the classes that match this element.

The classes listed in this website are presented in the order of the classes in the default.css file within your DotNetNuke installation.


The classes and demonstration pictures provided in this document are styled so that it is obvious which elements each class can style.A styled menu

Throughout the document we have used styling such as:


border-left: orange 10px solid;
background-color: yellow;

This allows you to easily view where the left border is placed by viewing the orange line.

Work in Progress

This document is regarded as work in progress and will be constantly updated with new information so please check back regularly to make sure you have the latest version of this document.

If you find any mistakes or can provide any tips on working with certain classes then please contact us and we will add the details to the document.